Things to do

Local activities

  • Fram–Planica–Areh (3 hours)
  • Fram–Planica (1–2 hours)
  • Planica–Areh (2 hours)
  • Zgornja Polskava–Planica–Areh (3–4 hours)

Maribor (Snežni stadion)–Bolfenk–Areh–Planica–Fram

  • Fram–Planica (6–10 km)
  • Planica–Areh (10 km)
  • Fram–Planica–Spodnja Polskava (16 km)
  • Cycle route through the Rački Ribniki Požeg Landscape Park.
  • Mountain bike trail: Maribor (Snežni stadion)–Bolfenk–Areh–Planica–Fram
  • Mariborsko Pohorje (10 km)
  • Trije kralji (20 km)

Attractions in the vicinity of


In the village of Planica, you can visit several interesting buildings and natural sights. For example, the Holy Cross Church from 1545, which stands on a small plateau and offers an outstanding view. The silence of the surroundings impresses everyone. The church is located 2 km or a 20-minute walk from the farm. There you can really relax your body and soul.

Furthermore, the Potnik spruce and the Vešner underground cave are located near the church. The spruce is special because a stream flows through under its roots. It is located 2 km from our farm. The Vešnar underground cave is a hollow that has not yet been explored and will therefore offer our speleologists new opportunities to explore the underground world of Pohorje in the near future. The cave is located about 2.5 km from our farm.

Another interesting sight is the Vešnar farmhouse, located 3.5 km from us. It is a typical local farmhouse with a collection of agricultural tools, a black kitchen, an old stone oven, etc. Open on Saturdays, Sundays and during the week by appointment.

Nearby, you can also see the Fram brook, the Church of St Anne in Fram, tombstones of nobles, the ruins of the Fram Castle, St Agnes Chapel, the Sagadin sawmill, the Fram oil mill, Rače Castle, the oenological collection in the castle, the Rački Ribnik Požeg Landscape Park, the TAL 2000 private botanical garden in Gorica and the botanic garden in Pivola.

Local events

  • church service in the village of Planica in the Holy Cross Church, every first Sunday of the month
  • setting up the maypole in the village of Planica in the Holy Cross Church, last Sunday in April
  • hike from Gorica to Planica (June)
  • parish fair on Areh (July)
  • parish fair in Fram (July)
  • parish fair in Planica (first Sunday in September)
  • St Martin’s Day open-air celebration in the Rače Castle courtyard (November)