Our story

Organic farm with a noble hint


On the spot of today’s farm, over 300 years ago, there were two farms, which were bought by a baron from Hočko Pohorje. He borrowed the money for the purchase and he paid off the debt with free wood transports.

Today’s owners carry the name Uranjek, but we are still widely known by the ancient name – pri Baronu. During the Second World War, there was a terrible tragedy at the farm and today you can still find different memorials all over the farm.

Our history


In 1991, the grandparents Mirko and Nada with their three children decided to open the doors of their farm for guests. They started with a seasonal wine tavern, as there was also a vineyard on the estate. They set out with the goal of offering their home-grown produce to the guests. As the number of guests increased year by year, they also started offering seasonal lunches and so the farm moved into the agri-tourism business.

In 1999, we started to write the organic story of our farm. After son Boris finished his studies at the Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences, far-reaching changes started to take place on the farm. We are regarded as pioneers of organic farming in Slovenia and are an example of good practice in organic farming. Over the years, our farm has been successfully certified as an organic farm.

In 2012, we opened an organic shop in our farmyard in which we offer organic produce grown on our farm as well as produce from other locally sourced organic farms. We have developed our own brand Pri Baronu (At the Barons’) and our own range of gift products. After successfully selling at markets and in our organic shop, we also started selling our organic produce online.

In 2013, we started to switch to permaculture farming. We have created a permaculture garden on 0.15 hectares of land, which is carefully and systematically cultivated in naturally curved lines. We are gradually transforming our farm according to the principles of permaculture, which is why we have also set up an orchard and pastureland. Over the years, our garden has become a unique visitor attraction.

Our diverse offer and interesting activities for children and adults alike as well as organic farming dedicated to permaculture brought us the great honour of being named Innovative Young Farmer 2014, an award bestowed every year by the Slovenian Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry and the Association of Slovenian Rural Youth. This award brought our farm recognition both in Slovenia and abroad.

On our organic farm, we are conscious of conservation of the environment, so we are very proud to have been among the first in Slovenia to receive the Slovenia Green Cuisine Certificate, which is one of the main objectives of the European Region of Gastronomy 2021 project. The condition for holding this label is obtaining one of the international sustainability certificates (Green Key) and signing the Sustainable Gastronomic Promise. By signing, one undertakes to adhere to seven sustainable principles: the authenticity of the offer, cooperation with local suppliers, a nature-oriented approach, working towards producing as little waste as possible, use of clean water, and responsibility towards the environment and employees.

Uranjek family


It is the hard-working hands of six family members that ensure a well-kept environment and a table full of delicacies at the Baron farm.


Boris and his father Mirko, in particular, are the ones who make sure that the animals are fed and doing well, the fields are ploughed, the surroundings are well looked after and that everything is just as it should be.


Mother Nada and Boris’s wife Mihelca prepare delicious dishes in our kitchen, while the children Nana and Brin are happy to show the guests all the interesting corners of our farm.