Organic farm

In the shelter of Pohorje


At 700 metres above sea level, in an idyllic place where the slopes of the Pohorje mountains gradually give way to the plains, the Baron organic farm has been situated for over 200 years.

Our farm covers an area of 18 hectares, 8 hectares of which are the fields, meadows, orchard, herb and vegetable gardens which are cultivated with our hard-working hands. Thus, we take care of the self-sufficiency of our farm. We opened a tourist farm in 1991 for our guests to enjoy the delicacies from our kitchen. In 1999, we switched to environmentally friendly farming, for which we have received the organic label for many years. In 2019, we acquired an environmental certificate – Green Key Certification – and in 2020, also the Slovenia Green Cuisine label.

Animals – our friends


Our farm offers a pleasant home for different animals that are especially interesting for children: a pony, a Vietnamese pig, goats, cats, a dog, bunnies, chicken, ducks, geese, pigs, cows and calves (Pohorje beef).

Where everything grows with good intentions


Our organic farm boasts a meticulously arranged organic herbal garden with more than 60 different herbs. They are used for teas, homemade spreads, juices, liqueurs, herbal spirits, pesto or are dried for dry seasonings. All the herbs have name tags on which you can also find information about the usage of a particular herb. Beside generally known herbs, in our garden you can also find some more unusual herbs, such as elecampane, angelica and clary sage.

In recent years, we have been managing our farm by permaculture principles. 

Permaculture garden


The permaculture garden is deliberately formed in natural, curved lines. We have planted many sorts of vegetables, herbs and fruits in raised beds. There, many useful insects can find shelter and a big “bug hotel” was even set up for them.