Organic cuisine

From the organic garden to the table


If you enjoy home-made food prepared with love, you have come to the right place! We prepare different kinds of lunches: seasonal, historical, vegetarian, vegan. In our kitchen, we use many autochthonous, cultivated and wild plants to ensure the menu is varied and interesting in every season. We are the first Slovenian provider of historical dishes under the Heriterra brand. Historical dishes are based on local archaeological heritage.

Picture perfect


Our restaurant Pri Baronu is decorated in rustic style which represents our organic way of life. But when the sun warms our hills, it is best to eat outside, on the soft grass, among fragrant flowers and herbs.

The ingredients for our menus are grown on our farm


Most of the ingredients for the preparation of our menus come from our own organic production or processing: Pohorje beef, pork, vegetables (salad, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, asparagus, root vegetables, etc.), herbs (herbal teas and spices), fruit (apples, pears, walnuts and berries), juices and cordials (apple juice and herb/fruit cordials), spirits (schnapps and liqueurs), vinegar, preserved products (vegetables, jams, sauces, pesto, etc.), meat products (salami, air-dried ham, various types of sausages, blood sausage, grilled sausage, pâté, minced lard, cracklings, lard, etc.), bread, noodles, eggs, wild plants from the region and much more.

We cooperate with locally sourced suppliers


We buy some ingredients from our locally sourced suppliers: Podgrajšek Organic Farm (organic flour, groats, grain, oil, etc.) / Lešnik Farm (cheese, milk) / Frešer Organic Farm (organic cottage cheese, cream, cheese) / KOKOT Farm (poultry) / Pečovnik Mill (flour) / Kranjc Oil Mill (oils) / Bračko Vineyards (wine) / Greif Vineyards (wine) / Valentan Organic Farm (organic wine, oils, pumpkin seeds, grain) / Lovro Coffee Roastery (organic coffee) / Rojs Beekeeping (organic honey) / Vila Natura Organic Farm (organic flour, muesli, etc.) / Oma Neža Organic Farm (organic flour, oil, groats, etc.)

Organic + local = perfect


All our organic food carries the highest quality sign “EKOLOŠKA PRIDELAVA” (ORGANIC PRODUCTION) – it is a form of production that emphasises management in harmony with nature. All food is produced in accordance with strict EU regulations for the environment and well-being of animals, while its quality is also checked regularly. In our courtyard, we have a small shop, where you can buy our organic products: teas, jams, pesto, syrups, juices, liqueurs, spirits, and dried meat products). You can also buy products from other organic producers in our shop.

Additional offer

The day begins with a good breakfast. For a good start to the day, we offer you a delicious selection of homemade organic delicacies: dried meat products, jams, cheese, yoghurt, milk, bread, vegetables, fruit, cordials, our house tea and grain coffee. On request, we can also cook eggs from our organic farm.

If you like to be pampered at home or in your business setting, we will take care of this and bring our delicacies from Pohorje to you. At your request, we will prepare catering for you using our organic ingredients. We serve canapés, cold cuts, stews, and homemade desserts as well as homemade wine, schnapps, liqueurs and cordials.