Certificates and quality labels

Since we only want to offer our guests the best, our farm is committed to high-quality organic farming and the preservation of tradition. That is why our work has repeatedly been awarded many certificates and quality labels.

Organic label

Organic farming is a form of agriculture in which there is an integrated approach combining plant cultivation and keeping animals using natural cultivation methods and the circulation of substances in nature.

In the production of high-quality and safe food, organic farming means the sustainable management of natural resources and the implementation of the principles of good animal welfare.


(Source: www.gov.si/teme/ekoloska-pridelava)

Green Key Certification

The Green Key certification is the leading quality standard for excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism industry. This prestigious ecolabel represents a commitment by businesses that their premises adhere to the strict criteria set by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).

Slovenia Green Cuisine

The inclusion of gastronomy in the Slovenian Tourism Green Scheme (ZSST) on the basis of the destination module and the new “Slovenia Green Cuisine” label is one of the main objectives of the European Region of Gastronomy 2021 project.

The condition for holding the label is obtaining one of the international sustainability certificates (Green Key or L.E.A.F) and signing the Sustainable Gastronomic Promise.

Source: The official Slovenian tourist website | I feel Slovenia


Slow Food 2014

Slow Food is a global organisation founded in 1989 to prevent the disappearance of local food cultures and traditions amid the emergence of fast-paced life, as well as to fight people’s declining interest in the food we eat and its origin, and to raise awareness of how our food choices affect the world around us.

Slow Food believes that food is linked to many other aspects of life, including culture, politics, agriculture, and the environment. Together, through our food choices, we can influence how it is grown, produced and distributed, and thus change the world.

(Source: www.slowfood.com)

BIO Slovenia Certificate

The BIO label is awarded by the KON-CERT Maribor Institute and ensures compliance of the production, processing, packaging, storage and transport of organic produce, food and fodder with the applicable regulations for organic farming.

The right to use this label is obtained with a valid certificate of organic production or processing issued by the KON-CERT Maribor Institute.

(Source: www.kon-cert.si)

The Heriterra Certificate

Heriterra is a brand that has been created as part of the EU project “PalaeoDiversiStyria”, in which scientists from the fields of archaeology, botany and zoology spent two years studying the development of agriculture from the beginning of the Neolithic to the end of the Middle Ages in Austrian Styria and the north-eastern part of Slovenia.

(Source: www.heriterra.eu)

Our finest

The “Our finest” label guarantees originality with geographical origin.

The “Our finest” label/brand has been given to artisan and food products and produce made by local producers from Maribor, the Drava Valley, Dravsko Polje, and the Pohorje and Kozjak mountains as well as the Slovenske Gorice.

Source: https://www.visitmaribor.si/si/nase-najboljse/


EKO podeželje

EKO podeželje is a Cooperative for the Development of Organic Agriculture and Rural Areas. Their vision is to bring organic produce and products closer to every customer in a simple, easy and affordable way. Furthermore, they aim to educate and make the target audience aware of the benefits of organic and local food.

It is also their intention to promote local production and thus increase food self-sufficiency in the domestic environment and throughout Slovenia. The Cooperative currently includes 18 organic producers and processors.

The members of the EKO podeželje group are farmers, namely producers and processors of organic agricultural produce who already successfully market their products.

(Source: www.eko-podezelje.si )